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The Artportunity provides 11th and 12th grade art students with the opportunity to improve their writing skills, prepare for their college application, learn how to improve their images, and learn about financial opportunities. This free opportunity is filled with anxious art students eager to begin the next stage of their art education. ARTportunity is fully funded thanks to the generous support of the Perez Art Museum Miami, M-DCPS, and the Dade Art Educators. Cancelled this year.

Through The Amazing Sketchbook Project, emerging student artists in grades K - 12 are able to discover and develop their talents. The Amazing Sketchbook Project awards underserved and deserving students with sketchbooks and art supplies. Hundreds of students are nominated by their art teacher and receive their awards at one of the many Miami-Dade County District Art Exhibitions throughout the school year. At this time the Amazing Sketchbook Project is fully funded thanks to the generous support of the Department of Life Skills, M-DCPS.

Isaiah Fund assists talented, hard-working, art students who demonstrate financial need. The F4DAE helps by providing scholarships to help cover textbooks, tuition, fees, art supplies, transportation, and other essentials. Teachers or mentors nominate students. Students provide five pieces of artwork, an artist's statement, a letter of recommendation and acceptance letter from their college. Scholarship checks for at least $1,000. 

The Sunday Salon invites Isaiah Scholars to display and sell their artwork in an intimate setting. Each student must create an artist’s statement, show their works and engage our patrons in discussions about their work. Each year students sell work, win patrons, gain poise and confidence. 


Named after our tenaciously talented volunteer and Isaiah Scholar Amparo Bacallao.  The Fund 4 Design & Art Education (F4DAE)  accepts proposals for the Ampi Award from Isaiah Scholars for the purchase of art supplies. 


The Committee allocates up to $5,000 per year for requests for art supplies, with a cap of $200 per proposal. Proposals are accepted each September and must be submitted before September 30th. Selected students will receive a Blick gift card via email in the amount of $200.

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