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We are all about ART & KIDS! At ARTworks Gallery 305, Inc., our mission is to create a safe, communal, and virtual space for all young artists and express their creative sides. We believe in unlocking the creativity within each and every one of us and offer a wide range of opportunities for all students.

Take a look at the opportunities provided by 

The Scholastic Art AwardsThe Isaiah Scholarship, and The Fund 4 Design & Art Education. 

We believe art is an excellent way to express their feelings and emotions. And if that weren’t enough, art plays a significant role in the development and psychological maturity of young artists.


At ARTworks we like to think art is a tool to create positive change for the emerging artist. Whether you’re a parent looking for new inspiration for your child, a brand new student hoping to learn a thing or two about art, or if you’re interested in volunteering, ARTworks Gallery 305, Inc. is here to welcome you into the fold.


Click Here
to learn about the
Fund 4 Design & Art Education
& the Isaiah Scholarship



Thank you!

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